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Website review for is a credible website in Singapore, which is popular among the borrowers for personal loan. This company facilitates the clients for a wide range of combinations of loan amount and period. The website is very simple, eye-catching and user friendly for the possible loan applicants as it explains the process by which they can secure their life from the never ending cycle of debt paying off in an easy manner.  With the blend of pink, white and blue colors; the site is a demonstration of simplicity and compactness on one place. The best quality of the website is that it does not fail the main objective of the site, which is attracting and facilitating the clients to avail personal loan through a simple system.

The website contains 4 tabs to deal with the entire information of the website.

• Home: The Home page gives clarity about the website as it demonstrates a calculator on the top of it. This page contains all the details about the loan terms and conditions and the procedure. One can easily understand about the system through which he could avail a personal loan.

• How it works: This page contains step by step guidelines about the loan and provides the simplest guidelines.  Anyone can easily avail this service within a few minutes by following this step by step guide. The page also displays the application calculator on the right size of the page, which is smaller in size as compared to that which is displayed on the home page.

•About us: The about us page is very brief as compared to the first two tabs. It contains only two lines which do not describe any detail about the website which should be according to general standard practice of other websites. To improve the quality, there should be some more text to describe the services of Myloan.   

• FAQs: It is the answer to all of the questions, which come into the mind of potential or existing borrowers. All the confusions regarding loan, its process, terms & conditions, APR and repayment are explained as a response to different questions.   

Foot note: Like other conventional website; Myloan website also has footnote on the main page; which has the links of all of the above tabs. One extra link is visible on the footer which is “contact us” which only shows company address on opening.  The footer is plain in pink color on white web page.

Payment request calculator

The calculator has two entry options which are to be taken by using an adjustable tool. The first option is for setting an amount on which the first point is $1000 which can be moved up to a level of $100,000. The second option is about the period which shows the first point as 1 Year and can be moved up to a limit of 7 years. This calculator has been provided on all the tabs of the website, to provide facilitation to the potential clients.

Get through a tough situation with the help of UK logbook loans

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 18.39.15One thing that has been going around the entire UK and for the right reasons is UK logbook loans. Over the years, the financial situation of the people in UK have worsened due to the changing shift of the market and many have suffered a reduction in income and also have lost their jobs which has become sustaining under this conditions difficult.

Thus, they are always looking for loan options that will help alleviate your financial conditions and help you to leave a better life and help combat any monetary problems. Opting for logbook loans is one such option that you can look into to get through your financial crisis.

‘It is a sign of a weak mind to be unable to bear wealth’

What are UK logbook loans?

Logbook loans are a kind of secured loan that is given out against your vehicle which is listed as collateral. You transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the lender to acquire the loan. However, you can still continue using it even after listing it as collateral. It is imperative that you keep paying your instalments for the loans on time so that the lender doesn’t have to sell the vehicle in order to get the compensation.

How much can you borrow? What are the rates?

For UK logbook loans, you can borrow an amount of £500 to £50,000 based on the value of your vehicle. The amount you can borrow depends upon the value of your vehicle and you will get only half of the value that is ascertained. The rate of interest for such loans is pretty high around 400% and higher for a certain period of time. Like for example, if you borrow £1500 for 78 weeks, then you might need to pay a total sum of £4250. The interest you have paid for such a loan must have been over £2750.

What are the situations that might prompt you to acquire a loan?

There might be a number of reasons which might prompt you to acquire a loan from a loan company. You might be going through such a financial crisis which will leave you with no option but to opt for logbook loans. Listed below are the two most common situations that are faced by the residents of UK that goad them to opt for loan:

Reduced income

With the increase in job cuts and reduction in salary, it has become increasingly difficult to pay the bills at the appropriate time. It is all the more difficult if you are on a job which involves hourly wage and due to the increase in job cut, people are less inclined to pay the appropriate amount which becomes difficult for you to sustain through the entire month. During such dire time, logbook loans are easily available and are an appropriate option because of the quick money it provides.

Emergency situations

An emergency situation can arise in the life of anyone. It can be in the form of hospital bills due to some injury because of some accidents, a death in the family, the arrival of a new member, increased expenses or any such other emergency situation which might make you go for the loan. For me, it was the hospital bills that got to me and made me opt for logbook loans, despite my bad credit history.

Getting a Logbook Loan at a Cheaper Rate

If you are planning to make a big purchase and do not have big bank balance then are various financial institutions, banks and organizations that give loan against your property. If you want to purchase your dream vehicle then you can borrow funds in terms of loan against it by Logbook Loan is a modern type of loan which is most commonly used in the UK. It has been seen that this type of loan is quite popular in UK these days. It has been seen that maximum people switch to this type of loan rather than connecting with any bank.

About Logbook Loan

Logbook loan is only applicable for purchasing vehicles. You will get logbook loan at quite cheaper rate of interest rather than banks. You just have to fulfill their requirement and eligibility criteria. Before application do take care of your eligibility. With you can avail numerous benefits. Few of the benefits are mentioned below, just have a look:

  • When you apply for Logbook loan then you will get lower rate of interest especially when you will have good credit history. While loan application credit history plays quite important role. If you have bad credit history then there is lot of chances of non approval of loan.
  • Logbook loan do not take much time in loan approval. It will sanction quite rapidly but do take care that your documents are updated, on time and nothing should be left.

These are two benefits which you can avail from logbook loan. Apart from these two you can avail many more benefits which can avail and get your loan sanctioned.

Eligibility for Logbook Loan

Every type of loan has some eligibility criteria. Logbook Loan also has some eligibility criteria which you should take care off. This type of loan is especially fabricated for citizen of UK. Please have a look on below criteria of eligibility.

  • Firstly to get eligible you must have a citizen of the UK so that you can apply to this type of loan and get low rate of interest. It is not enough to be a citizen of the UK. While loan application you need to show the evidence of your UK nationality.
  • Secondly you need to submit a photo identity proof which is quite important for sanctioning loan.
  • While loan application you need to submit the documents of your vehicle which you are planning to purchase. It is not necessary that the vehicle must be insured of secured before while application.

These are few things which you should take care while application of loan. Do get eligible and get your own dream vehicle.

Documents to submit for logbook loan

While loan application does submit few documents which are quite necessary to pass your loan file. Those documentations are mentioned below, just have a look:

  • the vehicle’s logbook (V5 document)
  • a copy of MOT certificate
  • a photo identity proof
  • an evidence of your income
  • documents of your purchasing vehicle
  • a copy of national photo Identity
  • evidence of your UK nationality
  • an evidence of the current residence

These are few documents which are necessary while Logbook loan application. Apart from these documents there are few more supporting documents required while loan application. Do physical check of your vehicle before loan application because if it is already gone through major damage and its original value is decreased than normal value than it can be problematic while loan application.

To make you dream come true do connect with logbook loan and borrow funds by fulfilling there legal requirements.

What are binary options and how are they traded?

Binary relates to something which only involves two components or something which has two parts. As such Binary options are based on two simple propositions of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. These two propositions are central to the trading of such options. Will a certain asset be above a specific price at a specific time? The traders, in accordance with their belief, would trade such options opting for either yes or no. ‘Yes’ would mean that the traders believe that the price would be above the stated price at the particular time while ‘no’ would imply vice-versa. This easy trading makes it one of the simple financial assets that one can trade in.

In this type of transaction, the value of profit or loss is determined by the changing value of the asset. Unlike other trading methods, the beauty of Binary options is that it trades future on the market rather than in the market. The simplicity is one has to predict the movement of the underlying asset for a predetermined specific time frame. Binary Options trading has two investment propositions namely ‘call’ and ‘put’. When the prediction is that the price of the asset will rise, the traders opt for the ‘Call’ option. When the price of the asset is predicted to fall then the traders would opt for the ‘Put’ option.

The first step is to choose an asset to predict on. For example if a person has interest in the bullion market, one may opt for placing an investment in gold or silver. Successfully predicting the price fluctuations can lead to increased profits. A very diverse range of Binary contracts are available to traders. From indices such as Dow jones, Nasdaq to stocks of various industries such as Google, Coca Cola and many more. In between there are commodities like gold, silver, coffee and there is Forex which includes the combination all major currencies like USD, EUR etc.

According to some, trading Binary Options is like gambling. The uncertainty of price fluctuations of stocks and other contracts inarguably makes it a risky enterprise. Like gambling, it is risky. But unlike it, Binary options are based on taking calculated risks rather than on chance. The more familiar one is with a market, the better chance he/she would have in successfully predicting the price fluctuations.Sometimes this trading instrument is misunderstood. Investors need to have a correct idea of the risks and rewards of this trade. This has different pay outs, fees, liquidity and investing process.

On an accurate note, Binary Options involve speculating rather than investment. These options are provided by exchange and also by individual brokers. The simplicity of this type of trading is that if a trader wages according to the market’s direction and if the price of the underlying asset is on the correct side of the strike price, he/she gets a fixed return on such speculation irrespective of the frequency of the fluctuation. A clear understanding of the market can make a person procure huge gain from such trading.

Which loans can I use if I have a bad credit history?


The loans that you can get if you have a bad credit history are secured and unsecured guarantor loans. The secured guarantor loans are a type of loans where you can secure your loan with your owning property (house, car or an apartment) and you guarantee with your property that you will repay the loan that you have borrowed in arranged period of time that was made in the agreement. If you are not able to repay the loan that you have borrowed than the company, bank or the lender depending with whom you made an agreement has the right to take you property from you since you didn’t fulfill the agreement that was made, therefore putting you in a risky situation if you are not able to repay the loan that you took. Although you can get a guarantor if you don’t posses any properties of your own, a guarantor can guarantee for you with his household that you will be able to repay the loan that you need, in that case the guarantor has all the obligation since he can rely on you and he trusts you that you will be able to repay the loan that you took.

The guarantors are mostly people who trust you and who can rely on you, the guarantors are mostly your family members, friends or even business partners. The secure guarantor loan is a good choice if you are in a position to repay the loan that you want to take, it is better to take some time before you decide if the secured loan is the right thing for you.

Beside secured loans there are unsecured loans that are also called personal loans for poor credit. The personal loan doesn’t require from you to posses any property on your own, but the criteria of information that you need to provide to the lenders is greatly higher than in secured guarantor loans. Since in secured loans they can take your household from you, if you are not in the position to repay the loan or do not desire to pay the loan, but in personal loans it is different.

The main difference is that in unsecured loans you don’t put any property on the risk if you are not able to repay the loan that you need, and in personal loans you can have a bad credit history or no credit history at all, but you need to provide a guarantor for yourself who can guarantee that you will be able to repay the loan that you borrowed. And the guarantor takes all the obligation over you, personal loans are a great way to get out of a debt, to go on a vacation, to buy a new car or even to invest in something that will pay off after some time, therefore the personal loans are a great way for you to get a large amount of money in a short period of time, all you need is just a guarantor.